"Poly and the Marble Maze" is a modern Platformer with intuitive controls, huge collection of challenging levels and stunningly beautiful visuals. In this unique ball rolling game your goal is to collect all three crystals and reach the flag on each levels. To succeed, you need to solve tricky puzzles and overcome many obstacles.


  • Fun physics-based movement
  • Increasingly difficult levels
  • Marvelous 3D isometric graphics
  • Touch, keyboard/mouse and controller support

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Very good game! 

Isometry broke my brain and difficult controller polysphere, but I discovered a new desert world! :)

Thanks for the gaming experience!

nice game, really good.

Love the game! It is really fun to play in my spare time. I think it is probably more suited for the PC than phone. with the PC you get more precise movements, something required in this game while on a phone, it mat not be as precise.

Why does the description say the game is made in HTML5, when the game is made in Unity? Am I just being stupid?


Yes, you are.

It's a beautiful game, good job :)

Do you plan to make an android version? I feel I'll play more the game on mobile than PC

Thank you very much!

Yes, the Android version of the game is in the pipeline, but we have no ETA yet.

Thanks for your answer :) I will stay informed, good continuation !